Day 9 - Almost Done

Believe it or not, I'm still going to add a few finishing touches to this one. I wanted to finish it today, but ran out of time. (you may click for a closer look)

The following is in response to the comment from Day 4
(earlier progress of this piece).
You needn't be skeptical or have any patience to appreciate it. I've never asked anyone to believe anything about my mandalas or mandalas in general. I have tried to educate people as to what one is so that they may begin to recognize they they appear everywhere, usually in spiritual context. I am happy to have found my subject matter and I am no longer concerned with the question "Where is the power in it?" and "If I am not a shaman, a monk or a spiritual expert, can I create something sacred? Something that has the power to heal?"

I could tell you that every mandala I create is an image of God, The Universe and Everything. Then, I would have to throw my head back and laugh, as Tobin Girls like to do, because doesn't that sound hilariously ridiculous?

Does it require patience? Mandalas are used in many different cultures for meditation. I never thought of looking at a mandala as requiring patience. On the other hand, if you were to use a mandala to focus on during meditation you might find that meditation requires less patience than without a focal point.

All mysticism aside, let's talk about art. Traditional composition suggests that the viewer should be led into the painting. The subject matter, or objects, or contour of the landscape, should lead the viewer slowly and comfortably all around. After that, the eye should be led out of the painting, perhaps so then you could get on with your busy life.

Radial symmetry is not common for this reason. I expected people to look at this repetitive circular composition and think "yeah, I know where this is going." But, no. I am intrigued by the fact that without any explanation of my intentions the response of many people has been "I feel so peaceful looking at your art."

Is it a symbol that refers to something beyond it?
All art is that.

Where is the power in it?
Where is the power in any piece of art?

Does it have the power to heal?
All art has the power to heal.

I will further expound on the spiritual, psychological, and mystical, but my conscious and subconscious mind is telling me to go to sleep.

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