Dealing with Anxiety

Such a calm, cool exterior. You would never imagine that this girl has some issues. I am amazed by this beautiful pet. She comes when I call her, sits, stays, fetches. She is eager to please. Lucky just doesn't want to be left alone. I am learning a lot about separation anxiety before resorting to prescription anti-anxiety medication. The vet supplied me with lots of articles to read and I found this Animal Planet video to be very reassuring. A little knowledge and hard work and we will both be better off. Here is a bit of what we are learning.

Get plenty of exercise and take time for play. Good advice for anyone. We don't have a fenced yard and I don't want to just tie her to a tree so Lucky takes me for a couple/few walks a day. I am better for it. And, with a couple of kids around, we don't need to be reminded to play.

Encourage independence. Okay girlfriend, I know you just got dumped. I thought it was kind of sweet that you wanted to go with me to take out the garbage and you insisted on waiting for me outside the bathroom door, but don't you think maybe it's just a little bit pathetic? You are going to have to give me some space.

Be firm and clear in stating your expectations. Hmmm...maybe I could apply this one to all aspects of my life. It didn't occur to me until I watched the video that on my mock departures I could come back in and correct the dog. I haven't completely convinced her that I don't want her jumping on the chair and slobbering down the picture window, but she has learned to jump down as soon as she sees me coming. A little progress there.

Emotional Detachment. (Another trait I could apply to my own life.) I have to keep reminding the girls to refrain from long emotional doggy good-byes. Also, upon returning just ignore her til she settles down. Kind of hard to do because it's really nice being greeted at the door by someone who is super happy to see you.

I'm trying to be patient. I leave a rawhide right by the front door every day, but she chooses to chew on the woodwork instead.


I'm sorry I forgot you

Finally! I have made my first mark on the sketchbook of the sketchbook project. The topics to choose from were a bit obscure and so how could I adapt my theme of Nature to one of them? "I'm sorry I forgot you." Couldn't be more perfect. How many people take time to appreciate, admire, or even notice Nature? Let alone sit in awe of it? Personally, my paintings of nature are quiet contemplation. A search for spiritual enlightenment or at least a bit of self discovery. I've set this aside for too long now, so Nature - I'm sorry I forgot you.


Puppy Love

It's just unbelievable to me that we have a dog. She is beautiful. She loves us. We love her. She is ours. Lucky. The vet said she is between 8 to 10 months old. She looks young and small in the first picture. But, she is 45 lbs. and quite tall and thin. The vet said she will probably get a little taller and grow to about 60-65 lbs. I haven't been able to capture a good photo of her sprawled out. As always, I think I'll be focused on posting more art and I get wrapped up in life. Stay tuned for art, but also more photos of Lucky, I'm sure.