Cure for Crabbiness

Spontaneously take a 1/2 day off of work.
Eat peach shortcake for dinner.
Draw yourself some flowers.
Run 3 miles. : )



Today we went to the Hyde Park Art Center to see the Sketchbook Project Mobile Library. It was exciting to check out Ellie's sketchbook and browse through many more. We also saw lots of beautiful art throughout the art center. Ellie was so inspired she wanted to buy the next sketchbook on site. 

 Along with the mobile art library was an art swap. Cards and markers were available to draw something and drop in a basket. Draw something and then take one left by another artist.

 Here is my doodle that I left behind.

Here is the drawing I chose from the basket. It was created by Bianca Diaz. I loved it because it was of Chicago and we were visiting Chicago. Now that I have visited her website and seen lots more of her beautiful work I love it even more.