Lucky Dog

Can we keep her?

Last week I warned the girls to stay away from this stray dog that we've been spotting in the neighborhood. Then, we realized that she has been sleeping in our backyard every night. She was so scared we couldn't get anywhere near her. She was weary, but would stay just out of our reach. I called the Humane Society, who told me that they are overcrowded and that I would have to call Animal Control. I called Animal Control, which apparently is the town police department. A cop came out and said, "We've gotten so many calls on this dog. We can't catch her." Neither facility had any reports of a missing dog that fit her description.

I started putting food out for her every day, and told Animal Control (the cop) that if they wanted to catch her, she lives in my backyard. Now that we have fed her and bought her a rawhide she really likes us and is very sweet. Today we are going to give her a bath and find out about getting her to the vet. I think she has adopted us. We named her "Lucky."

Could it be the law of attraction? The girls believed we would have a dog someday, if only they could convince Daddy to agree. How did this sweet little stray choose our backyard to live? And how could Darrin say "no" to 3 little puppy dog faces? (Four, if you count mine.)



Ask a 12 year old to hold your camera while you run a 5k and you might not know what you will get. She did take a picture of me crossing the finish line, but I don't look so good in that picture. I am out of the habit of running 3 miles. I walked quite a bit of it, but I was surprised that I finished in under 35 minutes. I could not catch my breath. Didn't know it was because I was running quickly. Thought it was just the heavy August humidity. Looking forward to the next one and looking forward to setting some serious fitness goals. I thought I was going to be a fabulous 40, but it turns out that I have sort of let myself go. 42 is approaching. Maybe I could be a fabulous 42? I do love Maya's photographs. I should encourage her to carry her camera more often. She has quite and eye. Top: Ellie on the move. Middle: Maya has quite an eye. Below: No passing zone with red low top Chuck Taylor's and powder blue Crocs.


Happy Mail

My sketchbook arrived yesterday.
I may not be posting for a while.
Back-to-school, house guests,
fantasy football draft party,
family reunion,
etc., etc.


Coming Soon

I received an e-mail notification that my sketchbook has been shipped. Very exciting!

Tomorrow begins the school year. So hard to believe! A bit earlier than usual, but where did this summer fly off to? Usually, by this time of year I am anxiously waiting for everyone to get out of the house. Not this year. It's been so easy going, I could take another month of this.



Another nature sketch.
Warming up for the sketchbook project.


The Sketchbook Project

I ordered my sketchbook last night for the Sketchbook Project. Filled with enthusiasm, I grabbed an existing sketchbook in anticipation of my little package that should arrive in about 2 weeks. I hope I have the tenacity to match this enthusiasm for the entire project.


Salad Bar in My Refrigerator

I would love to eat a salad everyday, but after about 3 days - I get tired of making them. I knew I had all sorts of veggies tucked away on the shelves and drawers. I didn't really know how much I had. Oftentimes veggies are forgotten and then have to be tossed. Tonight I dug everything out and chopped it up so that salads will be super easy and convenient. Along with all this, all the romaine and spinach is washed and chopped as well.

I thought this might inspire the girls to eat a little salad themselves. They were so excited, they promptly dug in at 9pm. Yum. I can't wait until lunch tomorrow.


My Kind of Town

I was just off work for 10 days and other than our annual blueberry picking and trip to the beach, there was much laziness and relaxation. Luckily, on my last day off yesterday, friends called in the morning and asked if we would like to join them for a day in the city.

The girls played in the fountains at Millennium Park.

We can't seem to walk down Michigan Avenue without popping into the Apple store to play with cool Mac stuff.

We wrote on the walls - I mean, ate pizza at Gino's East.

We finally did the boat tour down the Chicago River and out on Lake Michigan that I've always wanted to do. We happened to stop at the lego store on the way. For the first 20 minutes of the boat tour, I didn't think the girls would even pick up their heads to enjoy the view. Just then, they did.


Needs love and a good home

I've had 6 of these dining room chairs for almost as long as I have been married (18 years). I think they might date as far back as the 30's or 40's. I love them, but have never used them. They need to be cleaned up and re-seated. I just don't have a use for them and it is silly to store them in my little house any longer. Do you know of anyone who may put them to good use? I've taken them to an antique shop in town that also has no room. I took them to a used furniture store that said people just don't buy dining room sets at their shop. If I don't find a good home for them soon, I might be dumping them at Goodwill. I've avoided doing that because I want them to go to a good home where someone will really appreciate them. Leave a comment if you have any ideas?