Magical Mishap

We traveled to Orlando with the high school marching band. They marched on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. Here comes the band! The moment we've been waiting for! The reason for the whole trip! My camera battery is dead?! Before leaving, I wasn't concerned with the possibility of my battery running low. I've had my nice big camera for a year now and only had to charge the battery once so far. But, you would have thought that I could have learned my lesson as the last time I lost power was waiting for Darrin and Ellie to cross the finish line at a 5k race. Okay, now I've learned. I didn't quite capture the memory of marching with this photo, but I did get a few photos of the first 2 of 4 days of park hopping. I probably never would have taken my kids to Disney World. I am not enamored by the whole "magical" experience as the rest of the world seems to be. Driving home from the high school at 11:30pm last night, I thanked Maya for taking me there. We had a great trip and it was a great experience for both of my girls: Maya for being responsible, independent and an accomplished musician, and Ellie for being a brave little coaster rider. They both surprised us with their calm and cool sense of adventure.


Group Show - In Conversation

Yesterday was the opening of the new South Shore Art Crown Point location. A great new space that you can read about here. Below is a shot of 2 paintings that I only showed partial images of earlier.



Change is good, but sometimes unnerving. Here is the view from my window. This is much better than the pothole-filling band-aid solution most roads get. We are getting a whole new street. Our older neighborhood is ready for new sewer, water lines, curbs and sidewalks. It will be lovely. But, everyday for the past 6 weeks I've had to listen to heavy machinery, walk through debris to get in an out, and worst of all - feel the entire house shake. I fear that my foundation and plaster walls are going to start to crumble. Today I was really late for work because I have to walk around the block to get to my car. One of my neighbors caught me and we chatted for quite a while about the details - such as the change in slope at the end of his driveway. Feeling optimistic about this getting done in a timely manner as well as other new big projects I will be taking on myself.


How I Felt

I've tried to blog a few times in the past few weeks, but I couldn't find the words. I've walked the dog to the point of exhaustion – mine, not hers. I wonder if the daily diligence has had some sort of cathartic effect on me? I've been weary and confused. I'm back now with a little more clarity and optimism.

With my clarity, comes this realization... I don't want to be crafter. I've been curious for a long time and now I know. I'll make a few things for pure enjoyment, not in an attempt to make extra cash. I can't stop thinking of how much time I'm spending and how it could not possibly be lucrative, even if it is enjoyable. All the while, running through my head - "if you want to make more money, just work more hours on that part-time job." Ironically, the opportunity to possibly work some of my graphic design hours from home has presented itself. In the past, I had doubted if I would want that or not. The timing on this is perfect. It's going to be good.

And so if you are interested in any of my hand-crafted items, visit the Highland Band Booster Craft Fair in November (and possibly again in March 2012) for my limited edition jewelry and little felt bakery items.