Change is good, but sometimes unnerving. Here is the view from my window. This is much better than the pothole-filling band-aid solution most roads get. We are getting a whole new street. Our older neighborhood is ready for new sewer, water lines, curbs and sidewalks. It will be lovely. But, everyday for the past 6 weeks I've had to listen to heavy machinery, walk through debris to get in an out, and worst of all - feel the entire house shake. I fear that my foundation and plaster walls are going to start to crumble. Today I was really late for work because I have to walk around the block to get to my car. One of my neighbors caught me and we chatted for quite a while about the details - such as the change in slope at the end of his driveway. Feeling optimistic about this getting done in a timely manner as well as other new big projects I will be taking on myself.

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ellie:) said...

I wanna drive the big trucks!!!!:(