Happy Thanksgiving

My favorite part of the day – homemade pie. Like last year, we shared the work. Maya made the pecan, Ellie made the apple, and I made the pumpkin.


More colorful

Pokeweed. 12x12 acrylic on canvas
I've been wanting to paint something more colorful. The bright red violet stems and berries of pokeweed could not be more striking.



Quite a different Halloween this year. I felt it had already passed because at the office we are working on Thanksgiving. Maya has outgrown trick-or-treating. Ellie is old enough to go without me. I am grateful that I was able to work from home just to be around for it. And thankful that Ellie had enough time and energy to carve a pumpkin. Our family traditions that have stuck: Charlie the skeleton was given to us by Grandpa Bob many years ago. One of our few decorations - he must always sit on the front porch. Lucky's third year in our home and the girls made her wear the tutu again. Such a sweet sleepy ballerina puppy.