Good Morning Baby Cakes!

I've made donuts for the 3rd time this morning since Santa brought us a Baby Cakes Mini Donut Maker. : )


12th Night

I have all my decorations packed away except for the tree - which is halfway undecorated. Went to the ceremonial burning of the trees at the Main Square in our little town. Then, out to dinner with friends for lots of fun.

Yesterday Ellie had me shoot her gingerbread creation before I tossed it in the trash.

On Monday we ice-skated at Millenium Park with friends. On Tuesday we went to a roller skating party, where I skated all night. Makes me want to keep going, as it takes me a while to get comfortable and then it seems I go such a long time without strapping on skates again.

Working 8 hours a day is easy when Darrin is home with the girls. Monday - back to school and early mornings. Ugh.