Earth Hour 2009

It would be exciting to see
Earth Hour
really catch on with an
observable effect.

This Saturday,
March 28, 2009
please turn off your lights
at 8:30 pm local time.


Seven More Bunnies!

I wondered if I made a lot of little creatures - would I make them much faster? I made this batch of seven all at once, assembly line style. It went pretty quickly. And now I am so excited to have lots of bunnies for Spring... and Easter.

Tiny Treats

Ellie has been wishing for the American Girl "Tiny Treats" book for some time now. Last night we went to Barnes and Noble to spend gift cards and Ellie got her wish. Unlike the miniature blueberry pies she makes out of bottle caps, felt and beads, these tiny treats are edible. A little powdered sugar, cinnamon and melted chocolate chips turn Cheerios into tiny donuts. The tiny breakfast is made from white melting chocolate (for candy molding) M&Ms, tiny bits of Tootsie Rolls and real toast cut real small. We can't wait to make some of the other treats.


Legendary - Illustration Friday

Irish legend says if you find
a four leaf clover, it will bring you good luck.
Good Luck! And Happy St. Patti's Day!


Don't Think. Just Do.

It seems when I don't have time to create, I am flooded with creative ideas. Then, when I find I have a little time, I don't know what to create or where to start. Today I was surprised to have a little time to myself as Ellie went off to a birthday party and Maya played at the neighbor's house. When I realized I could actually sit down and paint I worked very quickly for 2 hours on these four little pieces. Nothing was pre-planned. Nothing feels quite finished. They may be under-paintings or preliminary sketches for future works.



Oprah was so much fun! I never really thought about going. When Katie lived here, she asked me once why we have never gone? We are right here! I guess tickets are really hard to get (of course). My neighbor told me last week she was going. She said they were looking for an audience full of moms with crazy mom stories. She wrote in on the website, and they called her the next day to ask her to come. There is not an air date scheduled for the show yet, but they said probably within the next month, so watch for previews of "The Secret Lives of Moms". I will talk more about the show when it airs. I don't want to be the one to spoil it. I will say this... there was one small giveaway! Yay! I want to go again.

I was going to take my "Intricate" watercolor to work with me to scan. I really should be scanning my artwork rather than shooting it with a mediocre camera. But - what a busy day! I had to wake up at 5 to leave at 6 to be downtown by 7 - back home by 1pm (confession of a bad mother... at that point I had not made arrangements for someone to care for my children). I called the neighbor to catch Ellie off the bus. Went to work at 1:30. Chatted and showed off my new minoHD flip video camera - THAT OPRAH GAVE ME - to everyone at work. Got a little bit of work done. Was planning on working until 7 or 8 pm, but then remembered I had a Girl Scout meeting at 6. We met at our small town local historical society to earn the Local Lore badge. It was very nice. Now it's 9pm and I should really think about going to bed early again.


Intricate - Illustration Friday

I started this yesterday and was planning on starting over. But, I sliced open the tip of my index finger on a can of cream of mushroom soup. For now, drawing is too cumbersome and a little painful. I better just to go to bed early tonight so that I can wake up at 5:00am to get to the OPRAH! show! Yes! I am going to see OPRAH! and I am very excited.



I survived a Girl Scout overnight with 19 girls ranging in age from 7 to 11 years old! Much thanks to Yvette for doing all the planning along with the other grown-ups who give me the confidence and courage to put myself in such situations. We were blessed with some spring weather, finally! I am proud to say I am the one who was able to get the fire going in spite of pretty damp wood. We were impatient and I prematurely spread out the coals for cooking s'mores and apple desserts. At that point I killed the fire and we ended up in the kitchen. I am especially proud of my little Daisies who were quite the little independent campers. Such fun makes me not want to resign next year as I continue to lament the difficulty of managing 2 troops... and a job... and a family.
Make the world a better place.


Happy Birthday!

I didn't want to mention that the bunny house was for my 3 year old little niece. I think Auntie Rhonda was more excited than the birthday girl. She told me she was hoping it could be. Maddie, take good care of the little bunny family. May your Golden Birthday be full of sweet treats and happy surprises!
Auntie Patti