Don't Think. Just Do.

It seems when I don't have time to create, I am flooded with creative ideas. Then, when I find I have a little time, I don't know what to create or where to start. Today I was surprised to have a little time to myself as Ellie went off to a birthday party and Maya played at the neighbor's house. When I realized I could actually sit down and paint I worked very quickly for 2 hours on these four little pieces. Nothing was pre-planned. Nothing feels quite finished. They may be under-paintings or preliminary sketches for future works.


Heather said...

I love them. I'm glad you had a few moments of quiet. I would have to say they look as is they were very productive moments.:)

I love the one with what looks like a tile-inspired theme. I could see something like it on the wall in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Oh Patti... I love it when you just do!! I like them all but favorite is the third one. That should be hanging somewhere (like in my house!)

Sue said...

Patti - I love the orange and blue
one - looks wonderful just the way it is - I can definitely see it hanging in a gallery - or a museum!
Thanks for the inspiration...