Seven More Bunnies!

I wondered if I made a lot of little creatures - would I make them much faster? I made this batch of seven all at once, assembly line style. It went pretty quickly. And now I am so excited to have lots of bunnies for Spring... and Easter.

Tiny Treats

Ellie has been wishing for the American Girl "Tiny Treats" book for some time now. Last night we went to Barnes and Noble to spend gift cards and Ellie got her wish. Unlike the miniature blueberry pies she makes out of bottle caps, felt and beads, these tiny treats are edible. A little powdered sugar, cinnamon and melted chocolate chips turn Cheerios into tiny donuts. The tiny breakfast is made from white melting chocolate (for candy molding) M&Ms, tiny bits of Tootsie Rolls and real toast cut real small. We can't wait to make some of the other treats.


Annie said...

Seriously, way way way too cute!!! I absolutely love the bunnies!!

And, I spy Cheerios, tootsie rolls, and m&ms? Am I way off? Is the mini food for the bunnies?

Abigail said...

Those bunnies are adorable! And the tiny food looks like so much fun.