Brown Paper Packages

I'm excited to share the end result of my latest craft endeavor, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. I've asked the recipient to let me know as soon as they receive it, so that I could post pictures. Don't you just love brown paper packages?


Not Happy/Happy

I am not happy that my week of vacation is over.

I am happy about the little bit of progress I made in clearing, cleaning, organizing and rearranging the house (although still quite a ways to go).

I am not happy that I missed getting a photo of a sweet little bunny on the patio today. I tried to follow him around the fence and also missed a photo of a woodpecker.

I am happy about spotting the first cucumber
hiding between the fence posts
...growing broccoli for the first time
...and one huge hydrangea that blooms every year.

Also, I am happy about my latest craft endeavor.
I was very much aware yesterday and today how happy
I am when my hands, heart, and mind are creating.


This Week

Because I have forgotten how to relax, I have spent my week of vacation emptying closets to paint them. Not only to paint, but to move and re-organize. Darrin and I will move to the "toy room" as we give the girls more privacy and independence of their own personal bedrooms. I thought about posting before and after photos, but it might have looked like a bad Peter Walsh episode. While moving from a small bedroom to a smaller one, I am dreaming of simplified minimalism decorated in some sleek modern decor inspired by all of my favorite design blogs. I am missing the girls more than ever. They are on a Girl Scout camping overnight as I sort through and thin out the toy collection. I have convinced them that they will have to be willing to let go to make room. For years I've dreamed of having less toys in my house, but now I am struggling with the fact that they are growing up too fast.


Digging through the Drawer

I was looking for something in my flat file drawers the other day and came across this painting I made maybe 2 years ago? I keep thinking I need to add a date every time I finish a painting, because I am later curious about when things like this happened. I don't remember how I began or what was going through my head when I painted this piece. Letting it spill out seems simple and easy, but looking at the end result is always confusing to me?


We went on a hike and we saw....

tough terrain
a toadstool
a toad
a tiny toad
and some very large birds
Months of talking and planning for one night of camping. We spent Friday night at Shades State Park. No one seemed very enthusiastic before the trip, but we had an absolutely lovely time. The weather was sunny and cool, mosquitoes few. Hiking is so beautiful there, as well as the canoe trip (which I have no pictures of because I did not want to risk getting the camera wet.) Ellie and I suffered a risky, rocky end of the trip. She seemed to remain pretty calm in spite of the fact that I could not hide all of my fear. Getting her in a canoe again may take some persuasion.


Something. Anything.

Too much time has passed without painting. I bought a 6x6 inch Bristol sketch pad so that I might impulsively create something, anything. Working small takes little time and does not feel so daunting. I also purchased a new bottle of india ink, as the girls have taken a liking to it and used up the last of a few bottles I had around.


Working Hard

As I was saying, I worked pretty much full-time this week. Well- Monday through Thursday, as tomorrow is the office-is-closed-paid-holiday! Happy 4th and 3rd! I think I don't have time to draw and paint, but I doodled in the same spot for four days in just brief moments here and there. This piece of work was created without wasting a moment of design time – as I started up my computer, launched programs, and waited for my computer to process things (such as making .pdf files). Small efforts accumulated.