I lied.

Well. It wasn't a lie when I said it. I said I was going to completely clear the whole blog. That was my intention. Then... I realized I didn't want to delete my Illustration Friday posts because they have been linked to the IF site. One of my pet peeves is clicking on a link that no longer exists. I didn't want to create that situation.

After that came the realization that if I want to create solely and art blog, then why would I delete all my existing posts of art? That would be like destroying art. So, I didn't. But I did delete most of the words. Silly me. Now there are comments pertaining to things I said that don't make any sense because I've deleted my writing. Which leaves me right back to rambling about doubt and confusion. Perhaps I should just embrace this about myself as all of my friends assured me they love this part about my blog.

The good news. I felt I was not creating very much art. I felt most of my posts were about insignificant daily nonsense. Now that I've gone back and spared the art but trimmed the nonsense I see that it was more art than anything else. If you scroll back at previous posts, it doesn't look much different at all.

I don't know if I've lost any readers that have checked my blog regularly, but if anyone happens to read this before 8pm this evening (March 29) please consider participating in Earth Hour 2008. Your small actions brought together in collective efforts can change the world! peace.


The End. The Death of this Blog.

Scratching the Surface . Acrylic . 24 x 24 . 2008

This blog will soon disappear. Say good-bye. "Circle Everything" will be cleared of all previous posts and undergo a re-birth. (as I rebirth myself) I will re-create this blog to be solely an art blog.

Yes, you've heard me ramble about this in the past. As much as I love writing and rambling, I need to stop. Perhaps I will still write a bit, but that too will be about art.

In the beginning, I debated whether I would post only art, or encompass all aspects of my life. As I strive to live holistically, I wanted to include everything (and circle it). My plan was to record my journey as an artist, my spiritual journey. It hasn't been that at all. This blog has been too much about kids, coffee, cookies, and crafts. Not my journey, mostly my distractions.

I appreciate all the visits, and cherish each and every comment. I have no regrets. I loved my blog and loved visiting all my favorites regularly. Blogging is an excellent way to organize your thoughts and focus your ideas. This whole experience helped me realize that as much as I love motherhood, scouting and cookies, I need to spend more time focusing on developing my career as an artist. It feels great to have released all this confusion and doubt as it will feel great to purge it all with one big delete button - like burning your past in a fire!

Special thanks to April and 'becca for introducing me to the world of blogging. Thanks 'becca for introducing me to Illustration Friday and French Toast Girl. Thanks April for always encouraging me and sharing ideas. Special thanks to Mike and Kris for holding my hand and telling me "Look Patti, it's really this easy." Thanks Kris for filling my head with more information that my brain can hold and thanks Mike for being my biggest fan! (When do we start our podcast?) Thank you to anyone that I've run into who has said "I love your blog!" I hope you love the new "Circle Everything," too.

I'll leave this here for a few weeks if you care to click back in retrospect or pay your last respects in the comment box about "Circle Everything" as it was.

Much gratitude to all.
Create peace.


Leap - Illustration Friday

click on image for larger view
Digitally colored pencil drawing. Not my first idea. I struggled with sketching on watercolor paper. (When I sketched the bunnies, I thought I had the hang of it.) I don't have a scanner (yet) so I digitally colored the photograph of my sketchbook. I like the photograph of the whole page. With the drop shadow, she looks like she could leap out of the book. As much as I want to get away from the computer and into paint, this makes me feel that maybe digital illustration is in my future.

The sketch followed by the transparent
layers of color in Photoshop (with dots for eyes).