I lied.

Well. It wasn't a lie when I said it. I said I was going to completely clear the whole blog. That was my intention. Then... I realized I didn't want to delete my Illustration Friday posts because they have been linked to the IF site. One of my pet peeves is clicking on a link that no longer exists. I didn't want to create that situation.

After that came the realization that if I want to create solely and art blog, then why would I delete all my existing posts of art? That would be like destroying art. So, I didn't. But I did delete most of the words. Silly me. Now there are comments pertaining to things I said that don't make any sense because I've deleted my writing. Which leaves me right back to rambling about doubt and confusion. Perhaps I should just embrace this about myself as all of my friends assured me they love this part about my blog.

The good news. I felt I was not creating very much art. I felt most of my posts were about insignificant daily nonsense. Now that I've gone back and spared the art but trimmed the nonsense I see that it was more art than anything else. If you scroll back at previous posts, it doesn't look much different at all.

I don't know if I've lost any readers that have checked my blog regularly, but if anyone happens to read this before 8pm this evening (March 29) please consider participating in Earth Hour 2008. Your small actions brought together in collective efforts can change the world! peace.


April said...

YAY! i kept checkin' and you came back :-)

Frank E Donor said...

4 years and 2 months...where are we now? If you want to create a weekend of art and music, let us know. We'd love to see you in northern Michigan this summer!