Technical Difficulties

I may be away a little while longer. Our poor little Mac is on his last leg and needs to see a specialist. A new computer is in the near future. Just hope we can recover the files. Nothing terribly unexpected. It was a good long life for a computer. I have been painting and parting with my love, Sugar. I did indulge in just a few more Girl Scout cookies after having gone 3 whole days without any sweets. It's so hard to resist when you have to handle 136 boxes of cookies. I have found that I crave less coffee when I am not partaking in the sweets. Feeling more focused and calm. New paintings will be posted with my new computer.


I Love You, Sugar!

I've been in a bit of a funk the last couple of days. I've actually had a little free time, but no motivation to begin any sort of creative project. Today that funk lifted as I pulled the rolled butter cookies from the oven. Since Christmas I've have strived to NOT bake. I feel I should be spending my time doing other things. It brings me such joy. Why avoid it? And again I wonder if I should open a bakery?


Teacups and Toe Shoes

Pointe shoes, I know. Teacups and toe shoes sound lovely. They are lovely. My life is full of these lovely things and day after day pass without painting.

I successfully sewed on the elastic and ribbons to Maya's first pair of pointe shoes. Assembly required on an $80 pair of shoes? They are custom fitted shoes now – as apparently – all pointe shoes are. I could have had the retailer sew them for an additional charge of $15. After having ripped out my first attempt and re-doing the elastic, I realized my time was worth that $15. But, I am proud to say I did it for my little ballerina.

Our little Girl Scout tea party was quite a success as well. Learning the "Wonders of Water", we celebrated the abundance of clean water in our lives: to drink, to bathe ourselves, to grow food, and to make pink lemonade (or tea). Several trips to several thrift stores to gather up 16 tea cups - and I wonder where all my time goes? I enjoyed every minute of it.


What the World Needs Now

Love sweet love.
And, a little more recycling.
At work, 'becca was happy to be able to pull this very large sign off of a piece of foam core so that she could re-use the foam core for another sign. I caught the sign before it made it into the garbage. All that beautiful red paper and just in time for February! We thought it might be funny to put the sign in someone's front yard. [Mike - you are lucky I am not that gutsy - it would have been at your house.] The project was inspired by a book called "Sparkly Things to Make and Do." Years ago I saw it in the Scholastic book order and had to buy it even though my 2 little girls did not even ask for it. I can't believe I haven't attempted any of the other adorable projects yet.


Focused - Illustration Friday

I thought one of my good old watercolor mandalas was perfect for this topic. I attempted to create one yesterday and feel there really is no going back to that style of painting. (at least not at this time) Splashing a little color on this doodle from last weekend was much more enjoyable. While visiting with my father on Sunday afternoon, it was what I focused on while he dozed off in his chair.