What the World Needs Now

Love sweet love.
And, a little more recycling.
At work, 'becca was happy to be able to pull this very large sign off of a piece of foam core so that she could re-use the foam core for another sign. I caught the sign before it made it into the garbage. All that beautiful red paper and just in time for February! We thought it might be funny to put the sign in someone's front yard. [Mike - you are lucky I am not that gutsy - it would have been at your house.] The project was inspired by a book called "Sparkly Things to Make and Do." Years ago I saw it in the Scholastic book order and had to buy it even though my 2 little girls did not even ask for it. I can't believe I haven't attempted any of the other adorable projects yet.


heather said...

Oooh. Love your banner. And fabulous looking project.

Melanie said...

LOL That would be funny. It would definitely have the neighbors talking. I wonder how many people would be gutsy enough to stop and ask what it's about. Love the hearts!