Teacups and Toe Shoes

Pointe shoes, I know. Teacups and toe shoes sound lovely. They are lovely. My life is full of these lovely things and day after day pass without painting.

I successfully sewed on the elastic and ribbons to Maya's first pair of pointe shoes. Assembly required on an $80 pair of shoes? They are custom fitted shoes now – as apparently – all pointe shoes are. I could have had the retailer sew them for an additional charge of $15. After having ripped out my first attempt and re-doing the elastic, I realized my time was worth that $15. But, I am proud to say I did it for my little ballerina.

Our little Girl Scout tea party was quite a success as well. Learning the "Wonders of Water", we celebrated the abundance of clean water in our lives: to drink, to bathe ourselves, to grow food, and to make pink lemonade (or tea). Several trips to several thrift stores to gather up 16 tea cups - and I wonder where all my time goes? I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

i really enjoy your blog. i just sewed my daughter's elastics and ribbons on her first pair of pointe shoes too. i would rather have been making art or painting! at least your store offered to sew them, mine did not, but i sewed them and i was so relieved!