Wishes for a friend


Here is my first designer birthday card – meaning it's a birthday card for a graphic designer. It's sort of a private joke between my friend April and I. But, anyone might enjoy it if you think the use of a certain font can be funny. (or if you laugh at your co-workers choices of ugly fonts)



Pop Up Gallery

I was invited by the town re-development committee to show at Highland's second Pop Up Gallery event. The space was beautiful. The event a success and the hospitality was fabulous. Thank you to the town, the committee, the host and to all who attended.


Maybe you don't know me?

Yesterday I darted down into the basement to find a smaller metal straight edge than I had in my studio and stumbled across an old sketch book from almost 20 years ago. I was in my mid-twenties and decided to sketch from magazine photos just to keep my drawing skills in tune. I'm sure shortly after that, the idea fell by the wayside and I didn't draw or sketch for years.

It wasn't until after I had kids, that I was inspired to paint - and paint abstractly. Because, well, I just have abstract ideas rolling around in my head.

I shared my sketches with the girls. They were astounded and amazed. The expressions on their faces were of a response initiated by pure magic being performed before their eyes. "But it looks so real!"

What were they thinking? They acted as if it wasn't humanly possible. I'm sure they have seen more realistic/naturalistic work than this before? Are they living in a technological age that assumes nothing is done by hand anymore? Or do they just not know what I am capable of?

It reminds me of a recent incident I had with Maya. This past spring she couldn't get Darrin or Ellie to throw around the softball. "I'll play catch with you Maya." I eagerly blurted. She had a huge grin plus a little smirk on her face and said "Really?" I could see by the look in her eye that she did not believe I could either throw or catch a softball. We went out in the yard and had great fun.

I wonder what other skills or knowledge or wisdom I could reveal that would leave them flabbergasted? Somehow I feel I can gain a little more respect even if only one ounce at time.


Dark Chocolate with Buttercream Icing

I told myself I would start going to bed every night at 9pm and read - or sew. The back to school schedule has started and over the summer I turned into a late sleeping night owl. Here I am at 10pm blogging. I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I would share the 4 felt cupcakes I just finished. They are literally "cup" cakes. The pattern I didn't like had felt glued to a piece of card stock to create the side. I decided, if I cut down a paper cup it would have a nice strong reinforced bottom, too. Worked pretty well. Ellie thinks they are awesome. Maya thinks they are cute, but said "who would buy that?" I told her a little girl that likes to have pretend tea parties or likes to play bakery or kitchen. She thought that made sense.

I always feel I "should" be painting. I have a pop up show next week. I have quite enough work for that, including new pieces. Waiting to hear if I made it into the Salon Show. And, I was offered to hang 3 pieces in a group show at the end of September. I'd really like to create something new and beautiful for that.


Loving Felt

I am torn between art and craft these days. Still painting, but I whipped up a felt cupcake. I didn't like the way it went together. On my next one, I won't be following any directions. I have my own ideas on improving the process. The purse was made by Ellie. I am very proud of her careful selection of colors and materials, her newly learned skill of hand sewing, and her follow through to complete the project. She is planning on making more and selling them.