It was the perfect day.
Went to school to help with the parties.
Straight to the office from there for
desk-to-desk trick-o-treating.
A great time for employees to have some fun
and see each other's families.
Stopped at Grandma and Grandpa's house on the way home.
Turning into my neighborhood was exactly as I had hoped.
There were barricades to eliminate traffic.
The neighborhood buzzed with only trick-o-treaters.
After that we headed for the action.
The walk was pleasant.
Security was tight but efficient.
The crowd was huge and beautiful.
And even though he was at a distance,
I could see Barack as he addressed the crowd!

Halloween Excitement!

I could not believe my eyes when I read the announcement that Barack Obama was coming to my neighborhood! This is the park where I run my three miles! This is the park where we play with our children!

I told Maya yesterday morning as soon as she woke up. Her jaw dropped and she looked as completely stunned as I was. She seemed to be feeling what I was feeling. But, while trying to look at the world through my children's eyes - they can't possibly comprehend the improbability of this happening. Not only being in such close proximity of the next President of the United States - but also one of the greatest leaders we have had in a long time! I know I'm getting ahead of myself - that is my honest prediction.

Of course, the timing is a little scary. The town notified us there will be restricted parking. So far there are not enough signs to restrict my neighborhood. The park opens at 6:00 and trick-o-treating is from 5 to 7. I called the police department to express my concerns without expressing my political preference. I was told they did not feel they could check everyone closely to see who was driving in and out. After hanging up I thought they probably suspected I was paranoid about what kind of people would be in my neighborhood. Then I thought about the 3 people I promised a parking spot on my driveway. Of course, they need to be let in.

If it were any other day I would be happy to have my neighborhood crawling with this much excitement - even if it were a Republican - just not during trick-o-treating.

Time will tell. I'll let you all know how it goes. Look for me on the 10 o'clock news. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.


Backward Glance

I haven't had much time to create or blog lately. Thought I would look back at a few small accomplishments from the last 6 or 8 weeks and share. [1] Kids decorated their own cupcakes at Ellie's birthday party. [2] Made a little tote for my niece and filled it with birthday goodies. Of course Ellie wants one just like it, and I think I might have to make myself one, too. [3] The s'mores on a stick were a big hit at the Girl Scout bake sale. [4] Ellie made tiny treasure pies from bottle caps, felt and beads. I guess this is not my accomplishment. [5] Harvested many tomatoes from my little garden. [6] Painted 5 very small mandalas – about 2" in diameter. [7] Canvas: I thought this was an underpainting, but perhaps I should explore minimalism and call it done. [8] Planted our little fairy garden. Ellie wrote a note to the fairies to let them know that the pie is not real, but maybe they could use their magic on it. [9] My first little pumpkin I ever grew.


It's in the mail.

I thought after I mailed off my giveaway I would start selling online. But, it took me a little over 6 weeks to get this one piece in the mail. Maybe I'm not quite ready for that.


History, Architecture, Art

Fabulous Fifth-Grade Field Trip. It began at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago and after lunch we were led on a walking architecture tour down Dearborn Street. Check out all the photos on flickr.