Backward Glance

I haven't had much time to create or blog lately. Thought I would look back at a few small accomplishments from the last 6 or 8 weeks and share. [1] Kids decorated their own cupcakes at Ellie's birthday party. [2] Made a little tote for my niece and filled it with birthday goodies. Of course Ellie wants one just like it, and I think I might have to make myself one, too. [3] The s'mores on a stick were a big hit at the Girl Scout bake sale. [4] Ellie made tiny treasure pies from bottle caps, felt and beads. I guess this is not my accomplishment. [5] Harvested many tomatoes from my little garden. [6] Painted 5 very small mandalas – about 2" in diameter. [7] Canvas: I thought this was an underpainting, but perhaps I should explore minimalism and call it done. [8] Planted our little fairy garden. Ellie wrote a note to the fairies to let them know that the pie is not real, but maybe they could use their magic on it. [9] My first little pumpkin I ever grew.

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