Not Really

Friday night I attended an opening reception at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport. As always, it was great to be surrounded by art and artists. Especially delightful to see people that I have not seen in years. A few of them asked me if I have been painting. My answer: "No. Not really." Why do I deny this? I have not been consistent in my effort or technique. I am not satisfied with any one painting nor does any one of them feel complete. I can't say I have a body of work or that I am ready for a show, but that doesn't mean I haven't painted.



I've enjoyed a beautiful summer weekend including: perfect weather, running, biking, gardening, reading, relaxing, friends, bbq, campfire, s'mores and more. Yesterday we showed our friends our vegetable garden and the beans just peeking through the dirt. This morning they were 2 inches tall! Magic beans? Plus, a bumper crop of strawberries which have inspired the baking of pound cake and a fresh fruit pie. [I must have been more interested in eating dessert than photographing it.]