The Ultimate Guide to Repeats

Here are a couple more textile designs which were a result of the online class I recently took. The Pattern Observer is promoting the start of the next session for the Ultimate Guide to Repeats and featured one of my designs from the class. You can read there how much I enjoyed and appreciated what I learned. Thanks Michelle and Chelsea.


Happy Spring!

The girls and I had fun experimenting with new egg coloring techniques. We wrapped some eggs with paper towel and dripped food coloring on them for a tie-dye effect. From there, Maya decided to drip food coloring onto a paper towel and brush it on. Possibly their most favorite decorated eggs of all. Ellie doesn't want anyone to eat them. She'll have to understand that this photo is all that can preserve them.


Textural Pattern

I recently took a 4 week online textile design course. I felt that I needed to focus on learning the various repeat and measuring techniques. So instead of creating new art, I pulled from old work I had already done. These watercolor sedum sprouts are from my Sketchbook Project pages from 2011. After many hours of fussing with the layout I think I might have spent less time creating new art?