Not Happy/Happy

I am not happy that my week of vacation is over.

I am happy about the little bit of progress I made in clearing, cleaning, organizing and rearranging the house (although still quite a ways to go).

I am not happy that I missed getting a photo of a sweet little bunny on the patio today. I tried to follow him around the fence and also missed a photo of a woodpecker.

I am happy about spotting the first cucumber
hiding between the fence posts
...growing broccoli for the first time
...and one huge hydrangea that blooms every year.

Also, I am happy about my latest craft endeavor.
I was very much aware yesterday and today how happy
I am when my hands, heart, and mind are creating.

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Laura said...

Hello Patti! I grew broccoli for the first time last year and I LOVE it! I had 27 plants last year and this year we have around 25. I made my garden smaller this year so I actually planted them as a border along the fence as they sorta look like hostas - right? It is the funnest crop EVER! Wait until you pick the crown and it makes smaller shoots. Toward the end of the season, let one of the smaller shoots go to flower and then eat them! There is no greater joy than eating a flower you grew. I made bouquets for the girls teachers last year so the students could all have a taste. SO MUCH FUN!