Something. Anything.

Too much time has passed without painting. I bought a 6x6 inch Bristol sketch pad so that I might impulsively create something, anything. Working small takes little time and does not feel so daunting. I also purchased a new bottle of india ink, as the girls have taken a liking to it and used up the last of a few bottles I had around.


Anonymous said...

I love the black ink one!


Heather said...

That is a good idea. I have begun sketching...nothing at all like yours, but my new sketchpad is fun as a take-along so when I have a moment I can do something with my hands. But mine is rather large and the 6" by 6" is a really good idea.

The ink is great, by the way. I love how it sort of shoots out in little crystals or prisms in a radius. Very lovely.