Magical Mishap

We traveled to Orlando with the high school marching band. They marched on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. Here comes the band! The moment we've been waiting for! The reason for the whole trip! My camera battery is dead?! Before leaving, I wasn't concerned with the possibility of my battery running low. I've had my nice big camera for a year now and only had to charge the battery once so far. But, you would have thought that I could have learned my lesson as the last time I lost power was waiting for Darrin and Ellie to cross the finish line at a 5k race. Okay, now I've learned. I didn't quite capture the memory of marching with this photo, but I did get a few photos of the first 2 of 4 days of park hopping. I probably never would have taken my kids to Disney World. I am not enamored by the whole "magical" experience as the rest of the world seems to be. Driving home from the high school at 11:30pm last night, I thanked Maya for taking me there. We had a great trip and it was a great experience for both of my girls: Maya for being responsible, independent and an accomplished musician, and Ellie for being a brave little coaster rider. They both surprised us with their calm and cool sense of adventure.

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Laura said...

I think it is Disney. I had a similar camera incident happen the only day we have ever been there. So fun!