Ask a 12 year old to hold your camera while you run a 5k and you might not know what you will get. She did take a picture of me crossing the finish line, but I don't look so good in that picture. I am out of the habit of running 3 miles. I walked quite a bit of it, but I was surprised that I finished in under 35 minutes. I could not catch my breath. Didn't know it was because I was running quickly. Thought it was just the heavy August humidity. Looking forward to the next one and looking forward to setting some serious fitness goals. I thought I was going to be a fabulous 40, but it turns out that I have sort of let myself go. 42 is approaching. Maybe I could be a fabulous 42? I do love Maya's photographs. I should encourage her to carry her camera more often. She has quite and eye. Top: Ellie on the move. Middle: Maya has quite an eye. Below: No passing zone with red low top Chuck Taylor's and powder blue Crocs.

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