Needs love and a good home

I've had 6 of these dining room chairs for almost as long as I have been married (18 years). I think they might date as far back as the 30's or 40's. I love them, but have never used them. They need to be cleaned up and re-seated. I just don't have a use for them and it is silly to store them in my little house any longer. Do you know of anyone who may put them to good use? I've taken them to an antique shop in town that also has no room. I took them to a used furniture store that said people just don't buy dining room sets at their shop. If I don't find a good home for them soon, I might be dumping them at Goodwill. I've avoided doing that because I want them to go to a good home where someone will really appreciate them. Leave a comment if you have any ideas?


'becca said...

lemme talk to my roommate. we want a table large enough to seat 6. granted, we don't have the table yet ... but i could re-seat the chairs, and we'd be halfway to a full dining room set! they're gorgeous chairs.

patti said...

That would be great! You're just the person who could tackle the seating project.