Lucky Dog

Can we keep her?

Last week I warned the girls to stay away from this stray dog that we've been spotting in the neighborhood. Then, we realized that she has been sleeping in our backyard every night. She was so scared we couldn't get anywhere near her. She was weary, but would stay just out of our reach. I called the Humane Society, who told me that they are overcrowded and that I would have to call Animal Control. I called Animal Control, which apparently is the town police department. A cop came out and said, "We've gotten so many calls on this dog. We can't catch her." Neither facility had any reports of a missing dog that fit her description.

I started putting food out for her every day, and told Animal Control (the cop) that if they wanted to catch her, she lives in my backyard. Now that we have fed her and bought her a rawhide she really likes us and is very sweet. Today we are going to give her a bath and find out about getting her to the vet. I think she has adopted us. We named her "Lucky."

Could it be the law of attraction? The girls believed we would have a dog someday, if only they could convince Daddy to agree. How did this sweet little stray choose our backyard to live? And how could Darrin say "no" to 3 little puppy dog faces? (Four, if you count mine.)

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'becca said...

awwwwww! he's adorable!