Day 24 and 25 - Move Along. Nothing to See.

I painted yesterday and today. Tomorrow, I'll set this aside and start something new because how many times does someone want to see the same thing? It doesn't look much different because I am just adding a second coat to the white flowers.

I am not comfortable with this painting because I impulsively changed my idea when it came time to paint the white flowers and now it is not what I wanted it to be at all. Maybe it will grow on me, maybe someone else will like it. Ellie tells me it's my best work ever. I think it's a little loud and flashy. What I do find interesting is that the flowers now look like neurons firing synapses and the large brown circle looks like a cell and nucleus.

I'm finding this painting tedious because my mind has already moved on to my next body of work. I am also wondering if I could take on a new daily habit and maintain painting everyday. Now would be a good time. Darrin and the girls will be on summer break in a few short days and so there will be less running around and less parental responsibility for me. Although, I was going to pick up a few more hours at the office.

New daily habits I would like to develop: eating healthy and regular exercise. People who know me think I really already do this, but I don't. Healthy food and exercise are sporadic. It dawned on me yesterday that 3 or 4 weeks ago I decided to train for a 5k in July. Before today I don't think I've run since that day. And before my 2-1/2 mile run at 11:30 a.m. all I've had to eat so far today is coffee and brownies. Not good. Surprisingly I feel great!


Steve said...

I agree with Ellie - not a color pallet I would usually like but I think this looks great. Can't wait to see it first hand.

'becca said...

the center of this piece makes me think of a tribal drum. stretched sun-dried leather with feathery edging. i haven't quite made that merge with the graphic quality of the flowers ... but i don't necessarily feel like they're fighting, either.