Day 17 - An Eventful Day

Painting was my first priority, I'm glad, because I might not have gotten to it otherwise. A little more progress on a large mandala.

The weather was absolutely perfect for gardening.

1. my little veggie garden plot covered with creepy little weeds
2. forgotten strawberry plants. happy surprise
3. veggie garden turned by hand with a shovel. good exercise
4. transplanted unwanted raspberries from the neighbor. yay!
5. my little robin friends enjoyed all the worms I dug up
6. trimmed one evergreen bush
7. second one only halfway done
8. large, sharp, electric hedge trimmer
I was using when I cut my hand
(5 stitches between 2 fingers)
9. peace (and healing) after 2 hours in urgent care*

*sitting in the waiting room with a blood drenched white kitchen towel does not get you moved up in line.

1 comment:

Sam said...

Left or right hand?? Hope it doesn't stop the wonderful painting!