Day 21 - Hosta

I planned my show in threes.
- 3 watercolor mandalas
- 3 acrylic mandalas
- 3 acrylics, stars and black hole series
- 3 nature pieces from my last show
- 3 nature pieces on wood
I have 2 square nature watercolors that I thought would be nice to add to the show and so here is a piece I painted today to make it a set of three. I really should put all 18 on flicker. Is that easy to do?

Day 21 - So is it officially a habit now? I have to say, it's definitely a new mindset. Painting everyday is far less difficult than I had imagined (even if it's just something very little) and I feel like I am taking myself seriously... finally.

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misti said...

My husband and I love variegated plants. This is a fabulous painting!