Day 14 - Electricity - Illustration Friday

Earth Hour 2008. On March 29, the girls were thrilled to turn every light off between 8 and 9 pm in observance of Earth Hour. We ran outside at 8 pm sharp to see if there was maybe one other house on the whole street with the lights out. Not. Our house would be the second from the left with the candle in the window. They were so excited they wanted to do it once a week (sit in the dark). So far we have not done it again, but on the first warm Saturday of the year (about 2 weeks later) we were all outside all day. I ran in the house to grab something and found every single light on in our house during broad daylight hours and no one was even in the house. Guess we gotta work on that one.

Of course I have criticisms of this piece. A little rushed and muddy, but I did it in one hour from start to finish (drawing included). I was going to stop at the first wash and post that for progress of the day, but I dried it by the space heater and kept going. I was going to crop the picture below, but that's Junie B. Jones and Kurt Vonnegut in there.

I was also planning on leaving it all blue and yellow and loose, but added more colors and tightened it up. Still a learning experience.


thedoodlegirl said...

I like both of the color styles. Really great illo! :)

Bee said...

Lovely illustration and great idea for the theme. I think the 'muddy' quality adds to it, especially given the sad account of noone else taking part.