Day 16 - The start of the end

This is the beginning of the last painting for my show this summer. (36" acrylic on canvas). I went to the Towle Theatre to check out the space yesterday. 15 pieces will be sufficient, although there is room to fit a lot more. I'm wondering if I could include a few other pieces I have, or if I might keep painting right up til then?

I painted for 2 hours this morning and the rest of my day will be tidying up my studio (and the rest of the house). Also, I want to get outside and dig in the dirt. May 15, they say is safe for planting here in the midwest, although these days who can say? After the first 2 T-ball games I realized what it takes to dress warm enough to sit out at the ball field. Last night: 2 shirts, wool sweater, winter coat, scarf, wool socks and long undies under my jeans. Geez! Didn't I just say it was the middle of May?

When I was in the mode of making excuses of why I couldn't paint everyday, I used to use this famous one "I don't have any room". This was before I actually claimed some "studio space" in my house. I did have a large drafting table (that I've allowed Eleanor to claim as her own), but I would pile it high with clutter and couldn't begin unless it was clean and organized, which was never. Here is my space this morning. No room to work, you'd think, but this is the result of creating everyday!

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