Day 19 - Tiny

Having taken this challenge of Every Day in May has brought me great focus. The instructions stated "they can be tiny". I picked up a brush today and dispelled the excuse that I am too busy and I don't have time. I rearranged my work schedule today so that I could make it to the kindergarten field trip to Lincoln Park Zoo. Which means I left the house at 7:45 am, returned at 2:15 pm, left for work at 3:30 pm and returned home at 11:00pm. So here it is. Tiny, but fun, and I created it.

Even tinier.
• • •
The trip to the zoo was fabulous!


Patrick said...

You are amazing Ms Tobin Davis! I was thinking after your accident with that large electric hedge trimmer that you had a good excuse for breaking the rhythm, and missing at least one day in May. Your pictures from the zoo and your day in the garden are very cool. You really know how to tell a story with pictures. It’s probably not that hard to do, but people usually don’t take the time to do it.

I decided back when you were contemplating killing this blog and using this space to just show your art and to talk about art, that I need to start my own blog. I really should get started on that.

I like your new mandala; it’s different from the others. The color reminds me of leather. Seeing your work at different stages, I think, helps make the idea of the rest of us picking up a brush and actually doing art ourselves more accessible. It’s almost as if you’re showing us how to do it.

Do you think that doing art and bringing order to one’s day (some people say “art is bringing order out of chaos”; of course others say it’s not), the way you have the past couple of days with these pictures, somehow helps one to be more in touch with (and even develop a deeper emotional understanding of) what they value?????

That question feels contrived, like I’m thinking too much. You don’t have to answer, I’m just wondering if it’s true.

I hope the fingers heal real fast. I'm often amazed at how fast we heal. I broke my foot a couple months ago and it's almost good as new.


Chickengirl said...

A tiny little piece of art each day would be lovely. I love the little chickies!

patti said...

Patrick -
You should be blogging! I can see how much you love to write and put your thoughts out there. I was never much of a writer, but all of this has helped me organize my mind and decide what it is I am trying to create with my whole life – balancing motherhood, family and expressing myself as an artist. Thank you for all of your comments.