Day 23 - Unfolding

Not finished yet, but I like to hang paintings in the living room and live with them between painting sessions.


Patrick said...

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw these recent photos of this painting. I’m smiling partly out of surprise. I never would have imagined that it’d turn out like this. But it’s more than that; there’s something about all these little white flowers crowding and squeezing in around the big brown one that just makes me smile.

I’ve imagined you running an Everyday-in-May marathon here. I’ve tried to show up to see where you are and, when a notion strikes me, to cheer you on. Missing a day or two shouldn’t matter much.

When I was training to run a marathon with my son all the first time marathoners were so afraid of walking. I came across this rather famous running guy named Hal Higdon. He has developed a few marathon training programs and his website is full of good advice for runners. One bit of advice that I particularly liked, and that made me smile when I read it was this, “Walking is good strategy”.

I think at this point missing one day in May (or two, or three, etc. . . .) is kind of like walking. You never know what life, nature, the universe and everything will throw your way. Nothing ever turns out the way we plan it. Everything’s a little off center, even when it seems right on. But that’s ok.

I hope all is well in the Tobin-Davis household.

Best wishes,

Patti Tobin Davis said...

Strangely enough I was posting about how I did not miss a day of painting, just posting. And writing about how I want to train for a race (not a marathon) before I read your comment. AND my painting turned how not at all how I would have imagined either.

Some of my best race times have been sprinting and then walking and then sprinting again to make up for lost time. Making progress in fits and spurts sometimes produces greater results, but I have enjoyed my painting marathon just for the sake of saying I've done it.

Veda Murthy said...

hi patti,

very good blog!!!!!u found a regula visitor in me :-) keep up the good work!!!!!!