Day 10 - More about mandalas.

Eclipse. Watercolor . 12 x 12.

A symbol is a thing that stands for or represents something else. Any visual representation, description or portrayal is a symbol. How is it defined? I think the creator has an intention, sometimes the meaning is effectively communicated, sometimes it needs to be learned. Sometimes a symbol only has meaning to those who understand the intention. Symbols may gain authority if collectively they are understood and the meaning is agreed upon.

A mandala is a symbol of peace and healing. It may be a symbol of peace because the repetitive pattern comes together in balance and harmony. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I do not believe that an image of God can be created, but perhaps it reminds us of God because it has no beginning and no end. This may also represent the universe. No beginning. No end. And with its parts and particles in spinning motion. The earth, sun, Milky Way, and not to mention the microcosm of cells, atoms, molecules, and so on and so forth.

It is a symbol of healing because to heal means to make whole and the cirucular shape is whole. It is complete.

I do not say this with empirical certainty. These are just ideas I choose to explore because I find them interesting.

May you live a life of peace and healing.

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