When time is short with ongoing interruptions I feel defeated when the day passes and I have made no effort to exercise. Today I was determined. At 8:35 pm I ran out the door and then two miles more. It's been a struggle lately, but that 2 miles felt almost effortless. It's a great way to end the day. Especially a hectic one. Maya did homework and they both ate fast food in the car while driving to IUN only to find that the gallery for the Fusion of the Arts Exhibit was not on campus, but further north on Broadway. I wasn't feeling too comfortable looking for an elusive address in Gary. One might have thought the Public Library would have had an address on the building or that the drop off information for the art show would have mentioned that the gallery was inside the library. It was an adventure. I am so grateful that the woman signing in work saw me at 7:05 getting out of my car as she was walking to hers. She stayed late so that I would not have to return tomorrow. As I ran this evening I contemplated dedicating the month of October to only art and no words for my posts. Ironically, I came home, sat down and spilled out this little ramble.

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