Coaxed by the Calliope

When Ellie came home from school this week with buy one get one free ticket coupons for the circus, I was not interested in going. I really don't like circuses. Of course, there is something sweet and sentimental about taking a child, but I feel sorry for the animals. Circus life just can't be good for them. I told Ellie we would be having a busy weekend. I thought we could discretely avoid it. She might forget if we didn't drive by and see it right there in the park by our house.

This morning while we were getting laundry down the chute and tidying up the bedrooms... Hey! What's that sound? The circus is in town! The calliope music got me. I knew if we walked down to the park we would see them putting up the big top and we might see some elephants. How could you not visit elephants if they are right there in your very own park? Just a few blocks away things were just as I had suspected. We are all so excited that this evening we will be redeeming that coupon and watching the circus.

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