Furniture Before and After

I am so excited about this furniture! Thanks to design*sponge for the inspiration! The dresser was mine when I was young. My three sisters and I each had one. I ended up with 3 out of the 4 of them since, apparently, no one wanted theirs. I found the desk at a resale shop for $30. A little paint and new hardware makes these two pieces so hip and trendy for a tween girl's room. I'm such a cautious person, painting furniture (that's never been painted before) was quite a bold and daring move for me. It felt great! Of course "before" pictures are usually dramatically pathetic looking. These were shot completely un-staged. It would be nice if the dresser top could stay picture perfect, but I can't say I am a role model for neatness.


APRiL said...

loves it!

Annie said...

Sooo cute!! What kind of paint did you use? Spray paint?

Yay for design*sponge!

Patti said...

Yes, I used spray paint. I've avoided it in the past because it feels so toxic and now I've enlarged my carbon footprint by blazing through SEVERAL aerosol cans. But, it went on beautifully. No brush strokes. I can't remember what brand I used the first time I tried spray paint, but it wasn't good. This time I used RustOleum and it applied very well. It helped that I loved the color and they have a more comfortable spray nozzle.

Anonymous said...

So cool! Is Maya totally digging it?