O Christmas Tree!

Yes. Christmas. Last year I was surprised to find myself on November 1 working furiously to coordinate a tree decorating project with Girl Scouts for the Lake County Visitor's Bureau. It was Halloween just the day before. This year I wanted to lead the project again and thought I was working well in advance to get it together and this week I was notified that the tree will have to be decorated on October 25! What a surprise that was.

I thought for sure that last year when I resigned as the leader of 2 troops I was going to find myself with all sorts of free time on my hands. I am a lot less stressed out about it, but...time? I spent my whole day off this week making sample ornament projects and getting instructions together. Tomorrow I am going on nature hike with the Brownies. Saturday I will be baking for a bake sale. And, Sunday I will be working the bake sale. These are all things I want to do, but Girl Scouts is still consuming my life.

If you are interested in making any of these little projects, here are some links for you. The first one is just scrap cardboard (cereal boxes) painted gold - using this template.
And the others...

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Heather said...

Wonderful! Thanks! I have been wanting to get started on some Christmas ornaments and such, but haven't seen anything as cute as these ideas.

And our lives are consumed, it seems, not with Girl Scouts, but with Cub Scouts. arg. It's fun, tho, right? At the end of the day?:)