Sneak Peek

Vacation, Day 3: I could not have asked for more perfect weather to be on vacation. Perfect for doing anything outdoors, especially painting furniture out on the driveway. The actual cost of Maya's desk – my $30 re-sale shop find – turned out a bit more than $30. Primer, paint, new knobs, sandpaper, wood filler and many trips to both the local hardware store and the big box home improvement center makes me realize spending $100 on a desk would not really have been so outrageous. But, It has been a creative endeavor that I have enjoyed. Just a little sanding on a couple of spots I need to touch up tomorrow and I will be done with the desk and a dresser. I love, love, love this color! It was over 2 years ago that Maya decided when she got her own room she wanted it to be blue and green. Here I am - finally getting it together. Why does this trendy color remind me of 'becca and April so much?

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'becca said...

i DO love that color! the furniture looks great, patti!