Tending the Fairy Garden

The moss I started the fairy garden with did not survive indoors, as I had hoped. I had to pull it all out. From the dollar bin at Target I grabbed a little pine tree to be grown from seed. I love growing seeds and cannot resist paying a dollar for a kit even though we haven't had much success after the sprouting stage.

I also bought the fairies a hyacinth from Trader Joe's. Won't it be lovely when it blooms?

Do you see Ellie's fairy jumprope made from embroidery floss and two beads? And, of course, the bottle cap blueberry pie.

I'm thinking about sprinkling a little grass seed in the garden. I have grown grass indoors successfully. Or maybe I could find some small or low growing indoor plants?


Anonymous said...

Those fairies are very lucky girls!
I love the fairy garden and the new plants! It seems all kinds of things are sprouting and growing...I especially love the new Circle Everything Logo that you have now--but then I liked all the other ones you were trying out, as well. It takes a while sometimes to get the right "fit" doesn't it?
Keep growing!

APRiL said...

I want my own fairy garden -- too cute!

'becca said...

i think grass would be a good idea. it should grow easily & you'd get the happy scent when you trim it. :)