What's Next?

This is not a pattern. It does not repeat. It's a gathering of bits and pieces of patterns I have observed – mostly textiles in an issue of "Architectural Digest." I do love textile design, especially the floral and foliage patterns of William Morris. I would like to incorporate some more complex shapes into my circles, as well as look to nature for color and pattern inspiration.
I did not realize when I began my earliest work of mandalas, how much I loved pattern and repetition. It is in hindsight that it occurred to me how comforting it is to create. People seem to respond to my work with the same feeling of comfort. Life is an uncertain mystery. Sometimes is nice to know what to expect – what's next.

Looking to nature, I was excited to find this water garden at the Lincoln Park Conservatory. What a beautiful pattern? But, when I was transferring the photo to paint, it hit me... "This is not a pattern! It is random chaos!" I find that curious. The illusion of pattern lying on the surface of the reality of random chaos - maybe this piece is a self-portrait.

I did show up in my studio 5 days this week. Yesterday I quickly sketched a pattern idea inspired by nature. Part of me would like to work on this piece digitally and part of me wants to research the process used by William Morris. Oh, I guess I don't have to choose one of those two options. I could do both.

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Heather said...

I love this process you have. I took a picture awhile ago and am now determined to let it sink in and find that it shows up somewhere in my world, reinterpreted. I am soooo not an artist in the conventional sense, but it seems so cathartic and meaningful to stop trying to make up something new, and just see something common in a totally new light.