Shattered to Pieces

It seems ironic that I received the Lemonade Award this week as I have been dealt quite a few lemons as well. Since my focus for this blog is to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and latch on the the affirmative I'll refrain from a long rant that could have begun last Sunday. Instead I'll put all that behind me and begin again, as I say I do. Strangely, someone at work mentioned that he thought I might be more patient and more tolerant than Job himself. I assured him that I am not patient, nor tolerant, only that I suppress my feelings until I can no longer stand the pressure. Then, I explode and fall to pieces, like the rear window of my mini-van.

Yesterday when I got in my mini-van to leave work, I shut the door and the window shattered. Pretty freaky. When the kids got home from school, Maya said "Are we going to be like those crazy people who drive around with a piece of plastic duct taped to their car." I said "No. We're going to have it fixed." As soon as Darrin got home he called around and chose to take it to a nearby shop where the guy on the phone was quite helpful. He said he'll fix it first thing Monday morning but said if we dropped it off on Friday he had plenty of garage space. Very good. The mini-van does not fit in our tiny little garage. I guess in 1954 they built houses with mini-mini garages. In hindsight I thought I should have driven around just for the weekend like one of those crazy people with the duct tape because now I don't have a car. [Maya, those people aren't crazy. Some people are less fortunate than us and don't have $350 lying around for such unexpected circumstances like these.] I'll be missing out on at least one fun activity that was planned for this afternoon, but other than that I'll settle in for a winter weekend at home. I feel I could benefit from curling up with a good book. Maybe the Book of Job.

On a happy note, I was forced to read the instruction manual for my sewing machine after having spent an evening fighting with that darn thing. I found many cool features the machine has that I never knew about including an automatic needle threader, a double needle that sews two colors of top-stitching thread at once, and a little cutting tool on the side that snips the thread after each seam.

I'm still trying to focus, balance, and roll with it.

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APRiL said...

i wondered where you were, i got worried. that totally sucks! miss you today.