Dealing with Tension

What has perplexed me the most about my sewing machine this week is that the last time I used it - it worked just fine. Since August I've been promising Ellie a dance bag that looks just like Gracie's tote full of birthday goodies. Every Saturday I realize a week has past and it would only take me about an hour to whip it up. This week I was finally going to do it. So I've spent hours and hours trying to figure out why the top thread breaks and the bottom thread loops up in a tangled mess. I am using the same thread, same bobbin, same fabric and same needle. Nothing is different. What could have happened? Ellie is waiting and hoping patiently.

Now I remember sewing this. A sewing machine scribble on card stock. The machine worked fine when I did this, but could I have messed things up by doing it? I'm hoping a little cleaning and oiling will help. Any insights? Chris, are you out there?


LifeWith3 said...

Patti ~

It looks like a tension problem (could be why it worked on cardstock and not fabric). I'd make sure the tension is set at the middle, change the needle, dust out the insides and give it another go. For me, that type of knottiness is always a sign that I need to change my needle and/or clean out the bobbin case (usually both).

Good luck!

(BTW -- your's is one of only a few blogs that I check out every day :-) :-)).

~ Amy K.

'becca said...

maybe try turning your top spool of thread around? the thread may be getting caught on a nick in the spool as it rotates.