Out with the Old

I've never been so happy to take down a Christmas tree before. It was really unbelievable having had cut it fresh. I should have video-taped the constant shedding of needles and random loss of ornaments. A tree really does make the sound of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree during that transformation.

As for the new...
I thought about stating some sort of New Year's Resolutions, but I never really make them. Of course we all intend to exercise more, lose the holiday pounds, start better habits overall, be more self-disciplined in all the areas we would like to be. Every day is a new beginning. I go through cycles of attempting to keep it all together and constantly having to begin again throughout the year. January is an exciting new time though. I love it.

I've been thinking of all the personal commitments I would like to renew at this exciting time. So many - I cannot list EVERYTHING! As one would happen to be "to simplify," here is my simplified intention:

I intend to create for myself
the same I wish for all -
Health, Prosperity and Joy!

With each new day I shall question if my thoughts and actions are aligned with this intention. In addition to that - I hope my blog will continue to delight or inspire others.


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Annie said...

Hi Patti,

Thanks so much for making a plastic bag purse for Laura to give me for Christmas! I love it!! :-)

Also - I started up a blog of my own: http://gluegunannie.com/ It's still in the beginning stages, but hopefully I get a lot of crafting in this year that I can document.

Happy new year!