Friends, Food, Fun, Gingerbread and Origami

A lovely time had by all. We reconnected with old friends by hosting a little dinner party. Sue, Steve, and Mark like to buy Girl Scout cookies. I let them know if they ordered and drove down from the city to pick them up, I would cook dinner for them. We enjoyed vegetarian lasagna eaten off of fine antique china and the first round of Christmas cookies for dessert. Sue entertained Maya and Ellie with some dazzling origami projects and we happened to have some origami paper lying around the house. If you would like to make an origami flapping bird you can refer to this youtube link. We had so much fun, at the end of the evening I almost forgot to give them their Girl Scout cookies and collect my $16.


Steve said...

With or without the Girl Scout cookies it would have been worth the trip. Great friends, great food, and enough unfinished stories to fill many more gatherings. Thanks!

patti said...

Yes, I would have you cookies or not.