Christmas Break

We thought we would have to wake up early to box the cookies this morning. Turns out school was on a 2 hour delay this morning because of a nasty ice storm. I was worried that school was going to be canceled completely because - what would I do with all those cookies? Well, I would have taken them to my friends at the office, but sorry guys, I took the few leftovers to dinner with the family tonight. We're so glad that school wasn't canceled because the girls would have missed their holiday party and the whole-school-christmas-carol-sing-a-long. The weather report says more nasty weather is coming this way. Looking forward to relaxing with the family. I've scheduled two weeks off to be with the kids and my teacher hubby. So let it snow!

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Patrick said...

Dear Patti,

I’ve stopped by often, and I meant to leave messages . . . I thought about you, Darrin and Ellie last September 11th; I meant to take issue with your comment that both candidates in the recent election were good candidates; I meant to tell you how delightful your work is, how much you make me smile, and that more people visit your blog than voted for their favorite mandala. You know how shy people can be about participating in anything.

My daughter Megan is an art student. She was telling me about a class critique and it developed into a gentle debate about whether some artist's work is better than others. Of course there is a sense in which this is true, a seasoned artist like Picasso was confident and expressed himself with grace. He worked every day; he loved painting and it showed. His paintings are naturally better than those of someone who just picked up a brush and who has little interest in painting. But I would not say his painting Guernica (one of my favorite paintings; one of the most famous, accessible and expressive paintings I can think of) is better than Degas painting of “The Bellelli Family”. They’re just different. I then went on to describe Ellie’s Illustration Friday drawing, “Worry” (the little girl holding a teddy bear with a frightening forest and sky in the background). Guernica is the work of a mature artist. It expresses his point-of-view wonderfully; and Ellie’s drawing wonderfully expresses the point-of-view of a seven-year-old girl. I told my daughter I don’t think it’s true to say one is better than the other.

Merry Christmas Patti!

PS Those cookies look sooooo good . . .