The Ballet

We took the girls to see "The Nutcracker" this week. It's really something I've looked forward to for years. Going out with my little ladies who do not whine and fidget (too much). They very much enjoyed and appreciated it. What's more - they both have recently taken an interest in dance and started lessons just this summer. Maya has proven to be serious and quickly advanced to Ballet III. She informed me at intermission that by this time next year she could earn her pointe shoes!

On the way to the performance I asked if they were familiar with the story of "The Nutcracker". A little background knowledge makes every experience a little more enjoyable. Maya's vague synopsis sounded something like this...

This girl named Clara has a godfather who is a little creepy because he wears and eye patch and has wild frizzy hair and a peg leg - or maybe a bad limp with a cane. He gives Clara a nutcracker for a gift on Christmas Eve. It comes to life and has to fight the king of the rats in a sword fight - oh! and the rat king has three heads! And I can't remember what happens next. ... ... ... Oh yeah. When the Nutcracker wins the sword fight he becomes a prince – and Clara become a princess – and they go to candyland and all the Christmas Eve goodies dance – like sugar plums – and coffee – and chocolate. [Mmmm. Coffee and Chocolate... My inner voice sometimes sounds like Homer Simpson]

Side note: The godfather in the performance we saw did not fit Maya's description at all. Although, I have seen that guy before. This guy looked like a very young Nicholas Cage.

It was a delightful evening. It inspired this attempt at an illustration. And with that, the realization that I am inspired to illustrate the little joys in my life, but I seriously need to develop some discipline and drawing skills so that I may become proficient.

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Lou Who said...

"...to illustrate the little joys in my life."

What a wonderful way to describe it. Your talent is beyond words, Patti. Don't worry about perfecting anything or think too hard about it, just keep doing what you're doing. It's been inspiring to watch your style develop and come to life. The simplicity and emotion of your work is beautiful.

The little joys in my life. Thanks for reminding me of what's important.