Cookies: Tradition or Obsession?

If you've been reading my blog for a year, these cookies might look familiar. They were baked today, but by golly they look exactly like last year's. With little deviation, I've made pretty much the same 5 or 6 cookie recipes every year for 15 years. Now, I don't think I could stop. Last year and this year I decided to give a small tin of cookie to the girls' teachers. Turns out between the two of them they have 8 teachers! Next year I think I'll come up with a small project for them to create because I am exhausted! I won't be starting over for Christmas Eve. I'm going to a cookie exchange on Sunday.

This year has become the year of the gingerbread! For Sunday's cookie exchange I will be baking the fifth batch of gingerbread this year. I've made them for the Girl Scout tree decorating event, the Daisy Girl Scout Christmas Party, the 1st grade school party, my little dinner party, and the teachers. No wonder my pop-up card turned into a gingerbread running away and then jumping out of the bushes.


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you make the best cookies! i love the little boy and girl gingerbread people :)